Quiénes somos

Family Saga

The volcanic and indomitable spirit of Lanzarote is the starting point of Grupo Martinón, a business structure born from the mind of the industrial engineer Enrique Martinón Armas, a visionary who saw the tourism potential of the Canary Islands and exported this model to the Caribbean over 30 years ago. 

The diversification of companies or societies leaves the tourist field and enters sectors such as real estate or industry, such as food, construction or renewable energies, such as photovoltaic.

The present and future of Grupo Martinón is guaranteed and a second generation is already pushing forward with its four descendants: Alicia Martinón, who manages the business in the Canary Islands; Enrique Martinón Jr., who coordinates all the business in the Caribbean from the Dominican Republic; and the sisters María José and Mónica Martinón, who are in charge of the legal and tax section of the group from Madrid.


La diversificación de empresas o sociedades sale del ámbito turístico y se adentra en sectores como el inmobiliario o el industrial, como pueden ser la alimentación, la construcción o las energías renovables, como la fotovoltaica.

El presente y el futuro de Invercan Grumasa está garantizado y ya una segunda generación, empuja fuerte de la mano de sus cuatro hijos: Alicia Martinón, quien dirige el negocio en Canarias; Enrique Martinón hijo, quien desde República Dominicana coordina todo el negocio en el Caribe; y las hermanas María José y Mónica Martinón, quienes desde Madrid se encargan de la sección jurídica y fiscal del grupo.

Professionalism and Service

Management team

In addition to the fundamental role of generational change and the involvement of its children, Grupo Martinón is also led by a management team that contributes to reinforcing the commitment and emotional bond of the company with its more than … professionals.

Our mission

We are committed to quality. We actively participate in the community in which we live, we are responsible with the environment, history and culture.

We assume a commitment to the profitability of the investment and to maintaining a relationship of transparency and honesty with our supplier companies.

We take care of our staff, and our staff take care of our clients. Our most valuable capital: competent professionals, with dedication and passion in their work. Quality makes the difference, therefore, achieving a quality service is our permanent challenge and our dedication.

We are responsible for our actions and decisions. We act based on our code of ethics and social responsibility.

Our vision

As a responsible company, we have a code of work ethics, we guarantee job security, strict compliance with the legal framework and hiring of local and foreign employees at all levels, eliminating discriminatory barriers and promoting inclusive hiring practices.

Our Philosophy and Values

  • We are a Family Business
  • Our guide is excellence and kindness in the service.
  • Always a Yes, always one step ahead.
  • We adapt to each client and each moment.
  • We are responsible.
  • We work as a team.
  • We believe in productivity to be a competitive company.
  • We promote continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to training and promotion.
  • We are committed to ethics and justice.
  • We are honest and we believe in transparency.
  • We are a continuous source of creativity.

Our objectives

  • Satisfied customers
  • Responsible Shareholders
  • Personnel involved
  • Committed Supplier Companies
  • Improved environment

Our Style and Culture

1) Attitude

  • Guest satisfaction
  • Promotion of delegation in our staff
  • Continuous communication

2) Quality

  • Excellence in our work
  • Kindness
  • Anticipation of needs to avoid improvisations
  • We always say “YES”.
  • The Management is oriented to guests and collaborators

3) Chance

  • Continuous adaptation to market requirements
  • Innovation, technology and development
  • Continuous improvement


At Grupo Martinón we have adopted sustainability as a model in our planning processes to guide our activities and continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system. We employ a variety of environmentally friendly practices to support and promote sustainable tourism and social responsibility efforts.

  • We take care to communicate and raise awareness among our employees in order to achieve our sustainable objectives.
  • We are aware of the impacts that our activity generates on the environment and we take measures to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts. We
    contribute with the necessary actions to ensure the conservation and protection of biodiversity and its ecosystem, natural resources and the historical-cultural heritage of
    Lanzarote, maintenance of the island and its spaces.
  • For our clients, we have selected collaborating companies that respect protected natural areas, archaeological, historical and sacred sites, and that are environmentally
  • Carbon footprint offsetting policy.
  • Aimed at satisfying the needs of our internal and external clients, we have a system for evaluating and monitoring service quality and hygiene standards. We strive to
    generate feedback mechanisms that are used to identify areas of opportunity and act in accordance with our standards in search of continuous improvement.